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The Tijuana Dogs - deliver various genres of rock standards that everyone knows and songs that force you to get out on the dance floor and have a great time. The band has two CD’s of original music too.

The Answer - Take The Answer and their fantastic show, add their multi-media, giant screen video ANSWERTRON and you get a show unlike you have ever seen before.

The Thieves - “...a blur of shaggy blonde hair and flailing guitars. Hard hitting drums, power chords and fast paced bass lines, but ultimately their songcraft and presentation distinguish the group as modern and original." -  LA Times

Common Sense - Common Sense is not just another reggae band from Orange County. With a So-Cal background and a small beach town attitude Common Sense took their reggae-rock influences and created their own style.

9 Ball - “In the tradition of The Police, 9 Ball deceptively uses the simplicity of the three-piece rock band to deliver well-crafted songs reminiscent of Squeeze, Joe Jackson and Crowded House,”  Killarney Star, Live Magazine.

CrossFire - Guitarist Jeff Rowlette's playing style is an exciting blend of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Gary Moore, and Duane Allman while rhythm section Bobby Henkle (bass) and Mark Ulmer (drums), round out a trio that sounds like a much larger band.

The Moods - The Moods are an original “garage band” that was formed in 1965 and today have all the original members. 

Skinny Little Twits - The Twits repertoire encompasses both cover songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, and original music.  Cover songs range from funky dance to the ever-popular classic rock.  Their catchy original music has a decidedly classic rock feel made unique by the members' widely varied influences including rock, blues and country.

Rockit Scientists- The